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All of our spirits are handcrafted in small batches using all natural ingredients.

Discover our multiple award-winning vodka.

Passion & Craftsmanship

Ontario grains combine with small batch craftsmanship to create a delectably smooth vodka perfect for all occasions.


Crisp & Clean

Subtle and pure with a lively texture, superb smoothness and a light, fresh aroma. Enjoy neat or in your favourite cocktail.

40%  alc/vol  |  Available in 375 mL and 750 mL

Mint Smoothie.png
Mint Smoothie® Liqueur
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Junction 56 Mint Smoothie® Liqueur its created in partnership with Rhéo Thompson Candies.


Deliciously Rich & Refreshing

The infusing of 100% pure mint extract and chocolate into our handcrafted vodka resullts in a spirit that captures all of the luscious and indulgent qualities of Rheo Thompson's signature Mint Smoothie candy.

23%  alc/vol  |  Available in 375 mL and 750 mL

Coffee Liqueur

Infused with Local Artisinal Coffee

An invigorating liqueur with the pick-me-up of classic java, balanced with the perfect blend of natural, delicate sweetness.

Richly Aromatic & Decadent

Infused with artisinal coffee with chocolate undertones, this indulgent liqueur is the ideal addition to your cup of joe, on ice or blended in your new favourite espresso martini.

20%  alc/vol  |  Available in 375 mL

Chocolate Liqueur 

Junction 56 Chocolate Liqueur is created in partnership with Rhéo Thompson Candies®.

Deliciously Rich and Decadent

Rhéo's premium chocolate, made using sustainable cocoa, is infused into our handcrafted vodka. The result is a liqueur that captures all of the indulgent qualities of Rhéo Thompson's world-renowned chocolate.

23%  alc/vol  |  Available in 375 mL

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J56 Pumpkin Spice.jpg
Pumpkin Liqueur

Celebrate everything autumn with nostalgic fall flavours.

Memorably Aromatic & Perfectly Pumpkin

A traditional blend of pumpkin pie spices are steeped in our premium vodka and sweetened with locally-sourced maple syrup. The result is a delightfully spiced liqueur reminiscent of carmelized pumpkin pie. Enjoy on the rocks or in hot beverages like coffee, apple cider or chai tea. 

23%  alc/vol  |  Available in 375 mL

J56 Gingerbread.jpg
Gingerbread Liqueur

Infused with Pure Local Ginger

An invigorating liqueur​ with the nostalgic  aroma of gingerbread with notes of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and all spice.

Warm and Spicy, Subtle and Sweet

Gingerbread spices combine with molasses to create the perfect balance of sweetness and spice on the palate. Drink straight or with ginger ale and a twist of lemon.

23%  alc/vol  |  Available in 375 mL

J56 Candy Cane.jpg
Candy Cane Liqueur

Blended with Pure Mint Extract

Aromatic with an icy tingle…the perfect holiday spirit.


Subtly Sweet & Refreshing

100% pure peppermint extract blends perfectly with the natural sweetness of a handcrafted vodka base, resulting in a soft, delicate spirit. Enjoy on the rocks or added to hot chocolate for an extra indulgent warm-up.

23%  alc/vol  |  Available in 375 mL

S&G Butter Tart Vodka

Designed with Canada in Mind

The perfect blend of not too sweet and extremely smooth. A true Canadian vodka that tastes just like home.

Pure Canadian (S&G) Gold

This distinctly Canadian vodka was created in collaboration with Stewart Reynolds @brittlestar. It is the perfect addition to any coffee or tea. Better yet,  serve over ice with  Fever-Tree Ginger beer for a unique taste that will surely be your new favourite cocktail.

40%  alc/vol  |  Available in 750 mL

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