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Natural, local ingredients, creative vision and uncompromising innovation come together with originality and precision craftsmanship.

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Ontario grains combine with small batch craftsmanship to create a delectably smooth Vodka perfect for all occasions.

Image by Sam Hojati
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Our gin liqueurs can be sipped on the rocks, lightened up with traditional soda or tonic, or mixed up in a gin fizz with strawberry simple syrup.

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A modern twist on a vintage classic ... our unique distillation process combines traditional methods with modern equipment. 

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Select local grains are combined in a perfect balance, triple distilled and aged to perfection in bourbon barrels to create an unparalleled whisky. 

Discover your new favourite

Some of our spirits are available in the LCBO and ALL of them are available in our DISTILLERY STORE and in our ONLINE SHOP. 

Our coffee liqueur, made with locally roasted beans, combined with Fever-Tree tonic and lime makes THE PERFECT cottage summer happy hour cocktail. So good.

1  1/2 oz J56 Coffee Liqueur

Fever Tree Tonic Water⁠
Combine in glass over ice, garnish with lime.⁠


Who We Are

Junction 56 was established in 2015 in Stratford, Canada.

From tasting whisky to making it, the journey from concept to distillery is truly one of passion and you can taste the passion in all of our products.

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