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Junction 56's 
Contract distilling services

Your products - your way

Looking to create your own alcohol brand? Have an idea that you want to make into a specific spirit? Need a base spirit for a ready to drink product you want to create? 

Turning that idea into a product is a significant time and financial investment. We can help alleviate some of the risks by performing some or all of the production processes. 

We offer expertise in product development right thru to bottling and packaging.


Product Development

We have a wide variety of experience in recipe development, having developed multiple gin, vodka, whisky and liqueur products. 

We can replicate the flavour profile you are looking for, work hand in hand to develop a product, or take high level requirements to produce a recipe.



Our facility is fully bonded allowing us to source and produce high concentration alcohol products. We have certified alcohol testing equipment to ensure accurate and consistent results. We have multiple still sizes which allow us to produce produce small and large batches. 



We can produce and ship in bulk to another facility for mixing, bottling or canning.

We can mix and dilute product on-site as well as bottle and package and have ready to ship.

We look forward to talking to you about your needs and help you build a plan that will see your business grow. Contact us today!

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