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Junction 56 Gin

Gin is Back!

After years of being treated as a lesser spirit, a gin resurgence is occurring.  People once again are realizing that gin is a versatile spirit that not only has a great flavour, but has class.

At Junction 56 we have created a gin by taking the traditional botanicals in a unique mixture, and leverage our craft distilling processes that results in a delicious and smooth product.

We have found this spirit has gin drinkers impressed and excited and non-gin drinkers rethinking their drinking preferences.

Junction 56 Moonshine

Moonshine has a long history in North America, starting with European immigrants bringing their whiskey recipes into the Appalachian region of the United States.  To expedite the turn around on the product, the aging process was skipped and the liquor was complete right after distillation.  The process was illegal and generally was done at night to avoid the law, hence the term moonshine, as it was distilled by the light of the moon.  The product itself had great potential, but few illegal distillers had the time, resources or appetite to make it into a true spirit it in own right.

Skip ahead decades, and Junction 56 comes along.  We visited several distillers in the United States that made 'modern' moonshine, learning some of the tricks of the trade.  We brought this knowledge back to our distillery, and decided to produce a Moonshine product of our own, but with a Canadian spin.  We decided to take the rustic moonshine process, and refine it with modern techniques.  We wanted to stay true to the spirit of Moonshine, but ensuring that we deliver a completely different flavour profile that will excite people to experiment with new cocktails and mixes.

We feel our Moonshine is like nothing else on the market, and it will allow you to experience new and delicious recipes. 

Junction 56 Vodka
Bronze Medal Winner!

Our vodka recently was awarded a bronze medal by the American Distilling Institutes annual spirits competition.  We were honoured to receive this recognition in our first year of distilling.   It reinforces that we are on the right track with our products and while we will continue to tweak our processes, we will not change the base of this product. 

Being a wheat based spirit, we keep some of that flavour in our vodka to produce something that works in traditional cocktails but also brings something new to the table. 

The final product is a smooth and sweet Vodka with ample flavour at first yet a smooth and clean finish. 

Flavoured Moonshine Liqueurs
We have introduced three liqueurs using our own, handcrafted Junction 56 Moonshine as the basis.  
Our liqueurs come in two sizes:
375 ml ($19.95)
750 ml ($29.95)

Fireshine - developed in partnership with Canada's leading purveyor of fine teas, Stratford Tea Leaves, we take a unique cinnamon herbal tea blend and let it steep in our Moonshine, resulting in a delicious flavour profile.

Sugarshack - puts a Canadian twist on the classic Moonshine product.  Using Maple Syrup as the prime flavouring agent, this sweet yet smooth liqueur will be sure to warm you up on a winters day.

Eclipse - this one of a kind product adds a variety of ingredients, including fennel and anise, to our Moonshine base resulting in a black licorice type liqueur that we are sure you will love.