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Junction 56 Moonshine

The word Moonshine conjures up images of backwoods booze smuggling, mason jars and distilling by the light of the moon. Unaged corn whisky has a long and storied history in North America. Junction 56 is adding to that story by putting a distinctly Canadian spin on this rustic spirit. Starting with 100% Canadian corn, we stay true to the methods of traditional moonshiners while applying modern distilling techniques. The result is a light and well-balanced spirit that is ideal for mixing in cocktails.

Moonshine Cocktail Recipes

Moonshine Sour Smash


Moonshine Cranberry


Southern Spiked Lemonade

Junction 56 Gin
Gin is Back!  After years of being treated as a lesser spirit, a gin resurgence is occurring.  People once again are realizing that gin is a versatile spirit that not only has a great flavour, but has class.

At Junction 56 we have created a modern gin that deviates from the traditional dry London gins, while maintaining classic botanical flavours that any gin lover demands.  

The result is a spirit has gin drinkers impressed and excited and non-gin drinkers rethinking their drinking preferences.

Gin Cocktail Recipes

Gin Smash


J56 G&T


Tom Collins

Junction 56 Vodka

Our vodka was awarded a bronze medal at the prestigious 2016 ADI craft spritis competition.  This reinforced our belief that while vodka is neutral by nature, there is room for flavour to some through.  

Being a wheat based spirit,  we leave a little sweetness in our vodka to give it some personality and differentiate it from the common vodka products.  

The result is a smooth and sweet Vodka with ample flavour at first yet a smooth and clean finish. 

Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Spiked Cranberry Lemonade




Moscow Mule

Flavoured Moonshine Liqueurs

Fireshine - developed in partnership with Canada's leading purveyor of fine teas, Stratford Tea Leaves, we take a unique cinnamon herbal tea blend and let it steep in our Moonshine, resulting in a delicious flavour profile.

Sugarshack - puts a Canadian twist on the classic Moonshine product.  Using Maple Syrup as the prime flavouring agent, this sweet yet smooth liqueur will be sure to warm you up on a winters day.

Eclipse - this one of a kind product adds a variety of ingredients, including fennel and anise, to our Moonshine base resulting in a black licorice type liqueur that we are sure you will love.