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Junction 56 Moonshine

The word “moonshine” conjures up images of backwoods booze smuggling, mason jars and distilling by the light of the moon. Unaged corn whisky has a long and storied history in North America. Junction 56 is adding to that story by putting a distinctly Canadian spin on this rustic spirit. Starting with 100% Canadian corn, we stay true to the methods of traditional moonshiners while applying modern distilling techniques. The result is a light and well-balanced handcrafted spirit that is ideal for sipping or mixing in cocktails.

Barrel Aged Moonshine

Junction 56 Barrel Aged Moonshine is a 100% Canadian corn spirit aged in an oak barrel. After some experimentation, our distillers found the optimal time spent in a barrel is exactly one year. The aging process naturally enhances the sweetness of the corn and infuses the moonshine with the woody and smoky notes of the barrel, resulting in a deliciously unique spirit.

Second Batch Available NOW!

Junction 56 Vodka

Starting with 100% Canadian wheat, Junction 56 Vodka is an award-winning handcrafted spirit distilled using modern techniques. Our small batch vodka puts an exciting spin on this neutral spirit by showcasing the naturally occurring sweetness of its wheat base, while maintaining a focus on purity. The final product is a smooth and lightly sweet vodka with ample flavour and a clean finish that is ideal for injecting new life into traditional cocktails.
Junction 56 Gin

Putting a new twist on an old classic, Junction 56 Gin is made by infusing a select mix of botanicals into our pure handcrafted vodka. Traditional ingredients are combined in a modern fashion, resulting in a non-traditional flavour profile. Our unique distillation method utilizes both the still and basket to coax the best flavours out of each botanical, creating a deliciously smooth, crisp and complex gin that is packed with citrus and lavender flavours.

Pumpkin Spice Liqueur

Junction 56  Pumpkin Spice Liqueur is the first flavour in our new Micro Batch Series of products. Handcrafted vodka is infused with pumpkin pie spices  - cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger - and lightly sweetened with real maple syrup to give it that caramelised pie flavour.

Pumpkin spice Liqueur is sure to warm you up on a crisp fall day. Enjoy sipping it on the rocks,  lighten it up with apple juice or ginger ale, or add some to a hot beverage such as coffee, hot chocolate or apple cider.


Elderflower Gin Liqueur

Junction 56 Elderflower Gin Liqueur is the latest in our Micro Batch Series of spirits. This subtly sweet and floral spirit is created by steeping elderflower directly in our Gin. The elderflower serves to further enhance the citrus and lavender notes present in our standard Gin. This is a must-try for any gin lover out there!

Moonshine Liqueurs

Fireshine -

The unique flavour and aroma of Junction 56 Fireshine is achieved by steeping a locally sourced hot cinnamon spice tea blend directly in our Moonshine for several days. The end result is a slightly sweet cinnamon moonshine liqueur that is brimming with complexity.

Sugarshack -

Junction 56 Sugarshack is a Maple Moonshine Liqueur naturally flavoured and sweetened with locally-sourced maple syrup. A unique blend of spices is added to enhance the maple and moonshine flavours, resulting in a lightly sweet and multi-dimensional liqueur.

Eclipse -

Junction 56 Eclipse is a Moonshine Anisette created by infusing a unique blend of spices including fennel, anise and clove into a moonshine base. The end result is a subtle and smooth black licorice flavoured liqueur.